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The Know-How Jean Larnaudie

Anchored for more than 70 years in the Lot en Quercy, Jean Larnaudie is above all men and women attached to regional know-how and passionate about this essential holiday: Foie Gras.

In order to offer you exceptional Foies Gras, special attention is paid to the quality of our raw materials and the selection of our foie gras. A know-how that is transmitted from generation to generation.

We are committed to always satisfying you, which is why we are constantly looking for new flavors to sublimate and enhance the Foie Gras.


It is in Corrèze, next to Brive la Gaillarde, that Saveurs Modernes, a company specialised in the design and production of inno-vat ion in the form of financial aid, is established.

– The “Le Mar chand de Mou lins” family, with its soft linens of rare peppers, arranged peppers, mixtures of world spices and cham pi gnons.

– The “Le Mar chand de Perles” family, with its al gi nate pearls and its ball of vinegar, has its mic to grate.

– The lightly roasted “Modern Flavours” cashews asso ed with high-end varieties, natu relles and nuts

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Sables Bretons Feature


Since the 17th century, in Sablé-sur-Sarthe in the Pays de la Loire, the famous Petit Sablé has been made.

It was Madeleine de Souvré, better known under the name of Marquise de Sablé, who was the first ambassador of the biscuit Sablé by making it discover, in July 1670 to the king’s brother, at the court of the Grand Condé.

Even today, in La Sablésienne, our Pastry Masters perpetuate this recipe according to tradition, for the pleasure of all gourmets. La Sablésienne is the art of French gourmet cuisine.

In addition to the shortbread cake, the biscuit factory also makes other biscuits such as meringue biscuit, raspberry meringue, hazelnut meringue, caramel macaron, cat tongue, fondant, soufflés…



If our House founded in the Gers in 1908 has crossed the ages and has established itself, generation after generation, as the reference of contemporary French gastronomy, it is mainly because it has never compromised on the quality of its products.

The strict and rigorous care taken in the selection of raw materials in our recipes earned us many medals at the Agricultural Show, as well as awards at SISQA or SIAL.



Family home since 1884

Maison MASSE, a family serving gastronomy for more than 135 years.

A recognized expertise now available to amateur cooks and epicureans.

The products selected for and by the best chefs, delivered to you in cold transport.


Flavour Pearls by Peninsula Larder are an Australian made gourmet garnish for your food & drinks. An exciting burst of flavour that’s vegan & gluten free.

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