Gingerbread is a honey cake, embellished with various spices such as cinnamon, coriander, ginger or star anise (star anise).
Tasting tips: Place a nice slice of Foie Gras about 1 cm thick on your slices of gingerbread. You can add a spoonful of Jean LARNAUDIE fig or onion confit for even more indulgence. Good tasting !

Ingredients: Invert sugar syrup, RYE flour (GLUTEN), honey (20%), whole EGGS, wheat flour (GLUTEN), EGG yolks, spices 0.5% (cinnamon, anise, pepper), baking powder ( sodium hydrogen carbonate), salt.

Who is Jean Larnaudie?

Anchored for almost 70 years in the Lot en Quercy, Jean Larnaudie is above all men and women attached to French regional know-how and passionate about this essential delicacy of the end of the year celebrations: Foie Gras.
In order to offer you exceptional products, special attention is paid to the quality of raw materials and the selection of the ingredients. A know-how that is passed on from generation to generation.

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